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I started working with leather back in 2009, and have been slowly learning different techniques and trying out new designs ever since. I occasionally make batches of things like pouches, book covers, and jewellery items, but when it comes to larger items I mostly work to commission.

Below you can find a bit more information on some past projects - the fun thing about commission work is you get to try all sorts of things!

You won't generally find these sorts of items in the shop, so if you're interested in something then please do get in touch!

Kukri Scabbards

A series of custom scabbards for some larp-safe kukris, made for players of Empire larp.

Redhound's Scabbards

A whole selection of scabbards commissioned for use by a character called 'Redhound' at Empire Larp, including machete, knives and axe.

Scroll Case

This was a custom project for use by a character at Empire Larp, hand stitched from several sections.

Squirrel Armour

Who says squirrels can't have armour too?
A small, lighthearted project in which a friend's toy squirrel acquired its very own leather and chainmail battle gear.

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I started a YouTube channel!

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