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I started making canvas banners a few years back as set dressing for my group at Empire Larp events.
The examples on this page were all created for use at Empire events, but don't let that hold you back - what kind of banner do you want? Where would you like to hang one?

What you get:

A canvas banner with personalised design hand painted using acrylic paints. These banners come hemmed and with either a sewn channel or cotton webbing ties along top and bottom to facilitate a range of hanging options.

2020-03-13 15.52_edited.jpg

How it works:

You get in touch via email or Facebook to say you'd like a custom banner.
If you already have a design sketch we can go from there, or if you need me to work out a design for you I will ask you about ideas, themes, any specific elements you would like included. I will usually produce a couple of quick design sketches which we will go over to refine the design.

Once the design is finalised I will request a materials deposit of £10 before creating your banner (this usually happens within 1-2 weeks, but I will let you know before starting if it's a busy time and may take longer). I will then take photos of the banner and send you a preview - at this point hopefully you'll be happy with the piece and we will move on to full payment and shipping.

...and what does it cost?

Ok, so it's time to talk money...

Standard banners sized roughly 35cm x 80cm usually price up between £50 - £100 (the £10 material deposit is part of this total, so you would expect to pay a minimum further £40 on completion).

As a general rule of thumb: the more complex the design, the more paint needs to go on the canvas, then the longer the process will take and the more it will cost.

When we discuss the design I will do my best to give you an idea of where in that range your banner is likely to end up, but please bear in mind that it is tricky to estimate timings for unique designs!

Banner size is negotiable, so if you would like to discuss a larger (or smaller!) painting I am entirely happy to do so with no obligation to proceed should you decide it's not quite right.

Ok, still interested? Then check out these examples below!


My first three banners were on Navarr themes (a nation at Empire larp).

From left to right:
The 'corpse glade', a Navarri burial/memorial site.
The 'Welcoming', an annual celebration featuring a ceremonial hunt.

The 'white tree', a standard image used by the Navarr nation.

These were all 35x80cm banners.

bannercollage edit.jpg


This larger square banner was commissioned for a group in the Empire nation of Urizen.

The moon and a few other details glow in the dark (although a quick blast with a uv torch helps if the banner has been tucked inside a tent all day!)

J Orme Netherwatch_edited.jpg

The Thorned Rose

This was another 35x80cm commissioned banner for a Navarr themed group.

I really liked the minimal style of this design, and had a lot of fun doing the blending on the rose!

P Thomas thorned rose_edited.jpg

Shrine Banner

This smaller custom Empire banner features a design of twisting paths meeting around a white granite waystone.


The stone itself is carved with the labyrinth, a common symbol for The Way - the religious system within the game.

This banner has a channel sewn at top and bottom for hanging by cord or dowel.

Shrine banner.JPG

I started a YouTube channel!

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