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Scroll Case

This was a commission piece. I was asked for a sturdy scroll case, ideally with some subtle decoration and capable of carrying paper up to A3 size.

Aesthetically it also needed to fit with the brief for the Navarr nation at Empire, a larp game run by Profound Decisions.

The main tube of the case was made from two offcuts of roughly 2.5mm thick veg-tan leather. You can see the effect this had during the dyeing stage - although both treated with the same dye, the two sections ended up with different tones of brown. This was actually a happy coincidence, as a patchwork look was part of the project brief.

I decided to use a moderately decorative stitch along the main seam, as incorporating decoration into practical elements again fit with the brief for the project. Also as you can see I included a strip of leather to aid in waterproofing the seam.


As much as I love the finished look, oh my, my fingers did not appreciate it quite as much! Hand stitching the seam of a roughly 2 1/2" diameter tube is no picnic!

The cap of the scroll case hinges on a riveted leather strap, and features a bit of simple stamping for decoration.

Inside the top of the case I added a strip of soft leather that can be folded in to cover the contents - just as an extra layer of weather proofing.

The base end of the case continued the stamped decoration of the cap, and also had an extra coat of red dye to add a subtle swirl pattern.

Finally, brass clasps at both ends of the case allow for attachment of a strap, or connection to other bits of gear.

I started a YouTube channel!

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