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Squirrel Armour

...because why not?

Sometimes a friend comes to you with a toy squirrel, and that squirrel needs armour.

...well ok, maybe this doesn't happen that often, but I could hardly leave the poor thing defenceless against the world, could I?

Time for tiny armour!

This squirrel's armour was made from scraps of roughly 1mm thick veg-tan leather, with sections of 4 in 1 chainmaille.

I added a little bit of detailing on the vambraces, ear guards, and main edges.

The armour is removable, with a little hook and eye clasp at the shoulder to detach the chest and back plate.

Sadly I neglected to take a reasonable photo of the chest plate, but rest assured our squirrel buddy is not lacking in torso protection!

This was a fun little project, and I reckon this squirrel looks ready to take on the world!

I started a YouTube channel!

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