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Farla the Hare and the Oily Secret

A book illustration project

Chris Edon is a fellow artist with a love of the British countryside. Back in 2018 he was creating sculptures and large abstract acrylic pieces - often with short accompanying poems. Inspired by the wildlife he saw on his daily walks he wrote a poetic short story about some animal characters helping each other out, and then asked if I'd like to illustrate the story to create a book.

This was my first book project and I was pretty much working it out as I went along, which was a little scary - but it was also pretty fun to work through a process of concept sketching, storyboarding and eventual book assembly!

If you'd like to check out the full book, it's available on Amazon! Search for 'Farla and the oily secret' or follow the link here.

I started a YouTube channel!

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