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February Flower Dragons

This is an ongoing project that I add to each year - my nod to valentines.

I'm not the type to suddenly paint everything pink, or covered in hearts... but I wanted to do something a little bit special for those who might like to gift a dragon at this time of year.

I had already drawn leafy tree-themed dragons, so I thought aha! Flowers! Can't go wrong with roses, right? And so the first flower dragon art 'Roses are Red' came to be.

I quite enjoy finding ways to work shapes, colours and textures from the plants into my little dragons, and I hope you enjoy the results!

If you like my flower dragons and would like to share them with a loved one (or just want one for yourself, for that matter) you can find them as cards or prints over in the Etsy shop.



This year I didn't have a particular flower already in mind, so I had a look at some 'language of flowers' lists. Turns out there are a whole bunch of flowers besides roses that symbolise love in some way! According to the lists I looked at, sunflowers represent 'adoration', and I thought they'd also be a nice bright happy flower after such a trying year.

Sunflowers Outlined G.jpg
Violets are blue G.jpg


Violets are Blue

In 2020 (before... well... 2020 kicked in) I decided to follow on from Roses are Red with the traditional violets. Looking at the way the plants spread and form whole carpets of flowers I felt like this art needed to have more than one dragon!



I chose the carnation for my second flower dragon because I recalled my Mum saying she liked them.

This was quite a fun dragon to design - a long sinuous body, the distinct foliage for the 'wings', and the petal 'mane' all adding up to quite an unusual critter.

Roses are Red.jpg


Roses are Red

For the original Flower Dragon what could I do but go for the rose? I see this dragon as a chonky little beasty with a thorny personality, but perhaps one whose loyalty is worth earning.

I started a YouTube channel!

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