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If you like my dragons but you're after something a little more personalised, how about an illustrated name?

What you get:

An original watercolour painting featuring your choice of dragons on smooth watercolour paper, signed and dated by me.

I do not reproduce bespoke illustrated names as prints unless expressly requested by the original client - so your artwork remains unique to you!

Name - Tom.jpg

How it works:

You get in touch via email or Facebook to say you'd like an illustrated name.
I will then ask about your design preferences as follows:

 - what name?

 - one or two dragons?

 - which type/s?

 - do you have colour preferences for the dragons?

 - do you have a primary and secondary colour preference for the name?

 - A5 or A4? (bearing in mind that longer names may not fit well on the smaller paper)

If you just want to say 'generally green themed' or even 'anything except yellow', that's fine too! I always like to ask when it comes to personalised art, because who wants a piece that turns out to feature their least favourite colour?

Once we settle your choices, I will create your art (this usually happens within a week, but I will let you know before starting if it's a busy time and may take longer). I will then scan the art and send you a preview - at this point hopefully you'll be happy with the piece and we will move on to payment and shipping.

...and what does it cost?

Ok, so it's time to talk money... for a standard piece where you choose 1 to 2 of the standard dragon types, with basic colour themes (eg 'name in dark blues, dragons in forest green and dark purple'), pricing is as follows:

A5 - £25

A4 - £40

If you'd like me to design a new type of dragon, or to modify a current design I will need to ask you for a bit more. This is pretty variable depending on just how complicated your idea is - asking for, say, a leafy dragon but themed to a particular plant would be a £5 addition, but asking me to design a dragon based on a creature I've never drawn before is likely to cost more.

I am always open to enquiries, and I will always discuss potential extra costs with you before putting brush to paper!

Ok, still interested? Then check out the standard dragon types below!

Type - Traditional.jpg


These are your standard Dragons. Bat-like wings with scaly details, spiked ridges down their spines, straight horns and often a few extra tail spikes.

Traditional dragons come in all colours, though personally I am fond of earthy and metallic tones - I can even make use of some metallic water-colour pencils to give them a bit of shimmer!


These are your sea dragons, your river or lake dwelling dragons. Featuring long sinuous bodies and wings resembling fish fins, webbed claws and usually a few sea-weedy frills.

Aquatic dragons work well in greens and blues, but could also use themes from particular fishes - mackerel stripes? Whale shark spots? Bold tropical tones?

Type - Aquatic.jpg
Type - Leafy.jpg


These are your tree dragons, your flower dragons. They usually have clusters of leaves for wings, are often slimmer in build than the traditional form, and have mottled or bark-like textures on their bodies.

Leafy dragons may be some of the most variable in design as there are so many potential plants to base them on! To the left is the standard leafy style, but perhaps you'd prefer a stocky oak dragon or a thorny rose dragon?


These are your most vibrant dragons, with butterfly inspired wings, curls and fluffy tufts in place of spikes and horns.

Fairy dragons look best with bold colours and strong contrasts, but they can also be themed to particular butterfly or moth species, so if you've got a favourite wing shape or marking I'd love to know!


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