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Just like that! ...but in blue?

I know some will grumble it's still too early for this, but... Gifting season is looming on the calendar's horizon, so I wanted to talk about commissions. That's right! I take commissions! Most of my leather work of late has been bespoke anyway, but I wanted to remind everyone that I am also open to art requests. Maybe you liked the design of some of my past work, and would like something similar in a different colour scheme? Perhaps you know someone who loves dragons, and you'd like to gift them something in my style?

Here's an example from last year - the commission was for a kraken attacking a dragon, to be used as card token art.

When it comes to subject matter, obviously my main strengths are dragons and fish. I've got to admit I still don't feel happy enough with my humanoid endeavours to offer things like character portraits (maybe next year, who knows?). Interesting beasties though I can certainly take a stab at! So how do you go about commissioning art from me? Get in touch! You can email me, or send me a pm via the Giddy Minnow Facebook page. We'll then have a chat about what you're looking for, and usually I'll do a few quick rough sketches to help pin down the design.

What'll it cost? The Big Scary Question is always pricing, and if you're like me you're not fond of making an enquiry without having some idea of what it's going to cost first. With that in mind, I have tried to give a rough guide to pricing below - please note these are not set in stone prices, but should be about right give or take a tenner for most work. (If your art is likely to work out differently I will discuss it with you before starting!)

Rough guide to pricing for ink & watercolour art:

A5 - b/w £15, colour £25

A4 - b/w £30, colour £50

A3 - b/w £60, colour £100


In other news, it's #Inktober time! I'm going to be trying to draw every weekday in October, using this year's official Inktober prompt list. If you'd like to see how that goes, I'll be posting the results as I go along on the Giddy Minnow Facebook page.

Right, that's all for today, so tara for now!


I started a YouTube channel!

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